Mumbai’s Streets – Photography

  "Fear and Loathing" in Mumbai - by Hanibaael
“Fear and Loathing” in Mumbai – by Hanibaael


 a Homeless family from Mumbai - By Hanibaael
a Homeless family from Mumbai – By Hanibaael


Fatigue – by Hanibaael

Hello Beirut

By Hanibaael

One of my Favorite photos

Location: The northern suburbs of Beirut, Burj Hammoud.

The suburb is heavily populated by Armenians as it is where most survivors of the Armenian Genocide settled.

Bourj Hammoud is an industrious area and is one of the most densely-populated districts in the Middle East.

March 2010

DUBAI: Every Day Is Cricket Day

The people of South Asia have fallen in love with cricket; they have embraced it up to a point where it’s part of themselves – their features, their hands and their culture. And those Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have left their countries searching for a new place to live, have taken their sport with them. In Dubai, expatriates make up more than 60% of the residents; therefore, cricket has come to be a natural part of city life.
عامل باكستاني يلعب الكريكت- By Hanibaael
By Hanibaael

Fridays in Dubai means cricket time – this is the day when Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers go out on the streets, markets and squares to get some rest after a hard week’s work. With their morning-to-evening sessions of cricket (and other sports), these players add life to the vacant lots in the old city. It is only during those moments that you can see joy متابعة القراءة “DUBAI: Every Day Is Cricket Day”

Cities through photography: the similarities

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon – By Hanibaael


Location: Dubai’s Old Town – By Hanibaael


Places are different from one another; but, despite their differences, they resemble us to a great extent. How many places have you visited for the first time only to feel that you had been there before? I’m not talking here about Déjà-Vu moments, but about our relationships and deep connections to places.

Sometimes, when you visit new cities or villages with an open heart and mind, you will find a part of yourself, your soul, and spirit, even if you don’t like the entire place.

When I went to Washington DC, I didn’t like the city. It looked like one large government office. Everyone was wearing a suit and an expressionless face. People were armed with “smart” phones in one متابعة القراءة “Cities through photography: the similarities”