Mumbai’s Streets – Photography

  "Fear and Loathing" in Mumbai - by Hanibaael
“Fear and Loathing” in Mumbai – by Hanibaael


 a Homeless family from Mumbai - By Hanibaael
a Homeless family from Mumbai – By Hanibaael


Fatigue – by Hanibaael

DUBAI: Every Day Is Cricket Day

The people of South Asia have fallen in love with cricket; they have embraced it up to a point where it’s part of themselves – their features, their hands and their culture. And those Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have left their countries searching for a new place to live, have taken their sport with them. In Dubai, expatriates make up more than 60% of the residents; therefore, cricket has come to be a natural part of city life.
عامل باكستاني يلعب الكريكت- By Hanibaael
By Hanibaael

Fridays in Dubai means cricket time – this is the day when Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers go out on the streets, markets and squares to get some rest after a hard week’s work. With their morning-to-evening sessions of cricket (and other sports), these players add life to the vacant lots in the old city. It is only during those moments that you can see joy متابعة القراءة “DUBAI: Every Day Is Cricket Day”

Fast Food & our senseless system

We were four from different cultures and backgrounds sitting around a table looking forward to a great meal at a Pakistani restaurant in the old town. What we got was enough food to satisfy our bodies and our souls.

the celebration of the independence day in Pakistan

The enjoyable experience, like those I’ve had with Persian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines, resembled a trip: A journey with many destinations. The beginning is one, but the end is not. As we indulged in the diversity of the food and company, I started thinking about our modern life and how fast things have been going at all levels. This is the era of speed and shallowness, expressed poignantly in the culture of fast food.

The gathering brought together this curious Mediterranean with a visiting Dutch young man and his Indian lady friend, along with an African American on a short break from duty in Kandahar. Although we met up for the culinary experience, we ended up having a homo-sapian connection of the rare kind these days.

For a while, it felt like going back in history and reaching mysterious متابعة القراءة “Fast Food & our senseless system”