Cities through photography: the similarities

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon – By Hanibaael


Location: Dubai’s Old Town – By Hanibaael


Places are different from one another; but, despite their differences, they resemble us to a great extent. How many places have you visited for the first time only to feel that you had been there before? I’m not talking here about Déjà-Vu moments, but about our relationships and deep connections to places.

Sometimes, when you visit new cities or villages with an open heart and mind, you will find a part of yourself, your soul, and spirit, even if you don’t like the entire place.

When I went to Washington DC, I didn’t like the city. It looked like one large government office. Everyone was wearing a suit and an expressionless face. People were armed with “smart” phones in one hand, and some form of briefcase in the other. While I did not care for the cold vibes I felt there, I did like the subway very much. I went through the experience in other cities.


Through Photography, I explore places in a unique way, creative perspectives and much freer dimensions. Photography has given me new angles to watch people, architectures, cultures, streets, walls and many other wonderful things around me

Through this art form I became sensitive to the differences and similarities among cities and villages. I took the following photos in two different cities. The first one I shot in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, and the second in the old souq/market  in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The two cities are very different: Tripoli is an old city with an ancient history, while Dubai is a modern city projecting the future. Still, you can find some places in the little known streets that have many similarities and a lot in common.

الكاتب: Hanibaael

Barbarian. Writer. Backpacker

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