Underground Beirut by Stencil

Once Again, the stencil arts movement leaves its signature on the walls of the crazy city, Beirut. To really know the other face of the city, one needs to dig in its underground scene, far away from the touristic propaganda. The stencil arts movement shows us the real face of the city.
The following photos show some of the latest stencils in Beirut (taken by myself).
I'm abnormal & Hezbeltalea. by Hanibaael

“I’m abnormal”. This is a way of sarcasm used by the homosexual rights movement ridiculing those who call them “abnormal”. This one was part of the actions during the “international day against Homophobia” that was organized by the Homosexuals’ rights movement in Beirut last summer.

The second one titled “Hezbeltaleta, party of Tuesday” is not a logo for a new political party. “Hezbeltaleta” is a new experimental band that plays plays electronic, rock and improvised music every Tuesday in several pubs in the city.


The region is in the palm of a goblin. by Hanibaael

We live in the Middle East, the most stressful region in the world. Here, especially, in Beirut, the possibility of waking up under a new war is present everyday. It may be a local civil war between different sects and religious groups, or a regional war (please apply now).

For these reasons, the favorite metaphorical expression for the politicians in the Middle East is: “The region is in the palm of a goblin”. And this stencil is an illustration of it.


by Hanibaael

One of the recent controversial issues in Beirut was the legal campaign lead by the siblings of Mansour Rahbani to prevent Fayrouz from singing the songs composed and written by Mansour. This small art work is a symbolic support from Fayrouz fans.

“all you need is love”, is a song written in the sixties, by John Lennon, one of the icons of the hippies movement that spread during the sixties and the seventies around the world, defending the values of peace and love against capitalism and war, especially the American war in Vietnam.


In this way, the stencil movement writes the history of the city in its way of sarcasm and concentrated symbols.


here, you can find the arabic version of this piece.

(P.S: special thanks for  Tony Saghbiny who edited the English version”

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